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clear.gifFundamentals - Favourite Drills

Warm-up, Footwork, Passing, Dribbling, Layups, Shooting, Free throws, Post play, Rebounding, Defending, Conditioning, Fast break, Transition, Pressing, Press break, 1 on 1, Attack/defend, Scrimmage, Tactics

Top-shelf drills (in bold red) are summarized in Go-To Drills. Also see Favourite Drills for Kids.




Dribbling (see Dribbling series)



Keys to shooting, 5star shadow, Tauer form, Nash block, Form, Frankston step-up, 90s, Pasquali reaction, Dave Love
Hubie Brown spot, movement, off the dribble
Partner conditioning
2-man conditioning, JJ Redick, Memphis sideline, Tauer on the move, Triano 7-spot, Tony Watson series
Other conditioning
5star on the move, 3-man, 4-man, 5star fullcourt, Noah basketball (e.g. sprint-pivot-slide), Closeout-slide, Guard drills (e.g. Taylor Allan kills and pulls)
Other partner
5star pairs spot, Billy Donovan, Nash 2 in a row, Triangle elbows, 32, 50, Eastman 3 and done, Streak, Duke around the horn, Villanova 20, Bill Self partner, Tony Watson series, Partner reaction
3 players
2-minute, Alternates, Hubie Brown movement, Florida, Quick release, 5star 3's, Ball reversal, 3-man conditioning, Walberg 5-spot, Australian, 3 in a row, Hanlen NBA challenges, Curry challenge, NMH
Eagle, Moneyball, Partner 1-2-3, 50 in pairs, 7-up
2-line make 7, 4 corner, Alternates, UBC, Catch and shoot, Dribble and shoot, Geneva Devils, Sevens, Walberg 5-spot, Teams, 5 players 3 balls, Team pop-out, Lee Rose guards, 15-10-5-1, Hurley, Plus three, Move, Pirate, 4-team pull-ups, Fast-break
Shell, Hubie Brown, 5star close-outs, Circle, Bulldog, 80 hoops, Indian River 2-ball, Beat the closeout, Blackford 5-spot
Triple threat
5star in the box, Nash game shots, FIBA, Mike Procopio, Tauer, Procopio wing, 5star jab series, Beat the closeout
Jenkins, Sidescreens, Mike MacKay, Dave Smart, Procopio series, Calipari two-man, Hanlen, Schepp
Getting open
Huggins cutting, 5star cutting, Pitt sweep series, Mike Procopio wing, 5star foul-line flash, Villanova jab-swing series, Blast cuts, Create a lead
Off-ball screens
5star rotation, Bauer two-ball screening, Downscreens, Kevin O'Neill, Lee Rose guards, Bill Self perimeter, DeMatha flex, 2-shot flex, Wide pin-downs, Tom Crean, Oakland choice 2-ball, Jr. NBA screens
On the move - around the world
Duke around the horn, Billy Donovan partner (shots on the move), Triano 7-spot workout (option g)
On the move - back and forth
Hubie Brown, Duke windshield wiper, Florida 3 players, Australian (elbow to elbow), Donovan partner (square-up), Donovan workouts (5c), Hanlen NBA challenges (championship shooting)
Kevin O'Neill on the move, Duke, 5star, Lee Rose pre-game, 6-shot series, Billy Donovan workouts, Fast-break, Tony Watson series
On the move - other
Tom Crean fill cuts, Jenkins, Curl, Tauer, Lee Rose pre-game, 5star, Procopio game shots, Pull-thru, Continuous, Pop-out, Maryland, Borg, Blasone, Flare-wing, Cut-cut, Tony Watson series, Jr. NBA catch and turn, Give and go
Off the dribble (halfcourt)
Hubie Brown, Donovan solo (off the dribble), Donovan partner (dribble series), Florida dribble series, Dribble and shoot, 5star shuffle, 5star workout, 5star triple b, 5star shots, Lee Rose, Change of pace, Tony Watson series (e.g. diamond, drag pullbacks), Coach Rock cones (point-guard series), 4-team pull-ups, Noah basketball, Jr. NBA jump stop
Off the dribble (fullcourt)
Florida series, Donovan workouts (fullcourt moves), Lee Rose fullcourt, Danny Hurley fullcourt, 5star, Dribble shoot relay, Primary-secondary moves, Choice is yours, Lokar Trojans transition, DeMatha speed, DeMatha transition, 5star fullcourt conditioning, 31
Other fullcourt
5 ball, 5star outlet pass, Tennessee 4-man break, DeMatha 4-corner jumpers, Florida 5-ball, Lokar transition, 3-man conditioning, 4-man conditioning, Choice is yours (6 ball), Florida wave, DeMatha transition, 80 hoops, Machine-gun, Pressure, Noah basketball
O'Neill moves, Dave Smart, Basketball BC, 5star triple b, Chair drill, Pasquali reaction, Kiwi, 5star finishing, Lee Rose, Villanova, Cross the lane, Daily dozen
Drive & kick
Penetration, 3-on-0 kick-out, Kick-out close-out, Duke 3-man, Billy Donovan, 3 drives 3 shots, Pivot kick, 4-out 1-in drive and kick, 3-line drive and kick, Fullcourt drive-kick, Drive-and-kick, String 3s, Partner reaction, Advantage, Penetration reaction, Jr. NBA kick-out, Noah drive and kick
Calipari one-ball, Calipari two-ball, Dribble-drive, Pre-game, 3-line drive and kick, Oakland dribble-drive 3-ball
5star rotation, Zone, Zone high-low, Auriemma
Using chairs
Chair drills, Iowa movement, Kevin Eastman (elbow pickups, four chairs), Pro Training solo (mid-range jumpers), Altizer challenge (chair curls), Tony Watson series (intense 2-ball)
Solo workouts (see Off-season workouts)
5star - shooting, dribbling, defending, Score 24, 5star circus, Nash 20-minute, Billy Donovan solo, Procopio wing, Guard, Group, Pro Training solo, Altizer challenge
Partner workouts
Billy Donovan (partner, screens, drive & kick, workouts), Triano 7-spot, 5-spot series, Lebron James, Varidel, 5star pairs spot, Dave Love, Tony Watson series, Triangle elbows, Memphis sideline, JJ Redick, Pistons bust-up, Pistons cutting, Pivot kick, Noah drive and kick, Noah skip-relocate
Other workouts
Florida 3 players, Procopio, Australian, Tauer on the move, Downscreens, Lee Rose pre-game, One bounce, Borg, Curry challenge, Noah basketball
Dribble handoffs, Handbacks, Tom Crean elbow catches, Kevin O'Neill handoffs, Procopio game shots, Jr. NBA post passup

Free throws

Post play



Nash wave, Memphis stance, Footfire, Zig-zag, 1 on 1 wing, UConn 1 on 1 stops, Duke form slides, Duke reaction, Slide and run, Nash triangle slides, Zig-zag closeout, DeMatha perfect slides, DeMatha zig-zag, Eastman dog
Nash triangle, Continuous, From gap, Weakside, Izzo jump to the ball, Philly, Vegas, Team, Close-out lines, Dick Bennett, Pasquali, Petitgoue, X closeouts, Pack-line Vegas
Larmand, Calipari box, Close-out reach step, Close-out and slide, Fratello 4-player, DeMatha, DeMatha star, Australian, Superman, Raptors, Schepp, Woodley, Rudez, Jump to the ball, 4-corner, Rana
Jump to the ball
Face cuts, Nash, Villanova, 1 on 1 with passers, Blackhawk, Skip pass 2 on 2, Hollins skip passes, Jump to the ball
Contest passes
Denial, Denial both sides, Huggins sprint to help, Pasquali, Weakside cuts, Weakside
1 on 1
Wing, Isley halfcourt
DeMatha zig-zag, Primary-secondary
UConn stops, Duke, Stops, Coach as passer
Miami, Machine-gun, Weakside
Villanova, With passers, Blackhawk
Denial, Blast cuts, Pasquali denial, Pistons, Weakside cuts
Pasquali closeouts, Fratello close-outs, Swiss, Boone, Rudez
Woodley 1 on 1 from ballscreen
Shell breakdowns, 3 on 1, PGC 5-point, Izzo jump to the ball, Woodley 2 on 2, Schepp closeouts, 2 on 2 shell, Villanova 2 on 2, 4 on 2, Husky closeouts, Procopio 3 on 3 shrink, Spurs shift & close, Oakland stunt-recover, 4 on 4 shell
Off-ball screens
Nash 2 on 2, Pangos, Greenvale, 4 on 4 diamond, Oakland downscreens, Oakland 4 on 4 down-cross, Woodley cross-down, Woodley single-double
Back-down-UCLA screens, Cross-screen downscreen, Downscreen cross-screen, UCLA-ballscreen, Flex screens, Flex, Downscreens backscreens
Bill Self, 4 on 4, Greenvale, UCLA-ballscreen, Messina, Woodley 1 on 1 from ballscreen, Woodley 2 on 2 ballscreens, Utah Jazz hands drill, Celtics ballscreens, Celtics hedging, Spurs 4 on 4 ballscreens
Dribble penetration
3 on 3 kick-out, Forcing left shell, Pitt 4 on 4 penetration, DeMatha shell, Calipari 4 on 4 shell, Woodley 4 on 4, Paint touches, 4 on 4 help rotations
3 on 3 close-out
Dick Bennett, Jack Bennett, Izzo, Woodley, Spurs shift & close
4 on 1 post, Dick Bennett, Shell double-down, Jack Bennett, Pistons, Pasquali, Green shell, Danny Manning, DeMatha shell, Oakland 4 on 1 post, Oakland pressure, Raptors 5 on 5 post entry, Woodley post, Celtics jump to the ball
DeMatha perfect slides, Duke rush to 2 on 1, Transition build-up, Showalter transition
Footwork (also see conditioning)
Lane slides, Slide and run, Nash triangle, Calipari box, Close-out reach step, Wootten triangle, Larmand closeouts, X closeouts, 5star workout, Duke agility, Duke reaction, Duke mirror
Pistons 4 on 3, Memphis shell, DeMatha wildcatup


Fast break



Press break

1 on 1




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