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Catch and shoot

Two teams, each with two balls. On team O, 1 runs around a cone out at the 3-point line, gets a pass from 2, shoots, rebounds, gets the ball to 4 and goes to the back of the team line. After passing to 1, 2 runs around the cone for a pass from 3. First team to make 11 baskets.


- one-dribble pull-ups
- 2 does not have a ball, 3 passes to 1, 2 runs out as 1 rounds the cone, 2 gets a pass from 4
- start with close-out shooting on each side
- no-dribble layups (see YouTube video - Competitive layup drill).

We can also vary the location of the players and cones, e.g., for zipper cuts, downscreens (curl-pop-fade), baseline screens, and blast, V or L cuts.

Variation - cut backdoor for a layup.
Don Kelbick corner screen - players cut from the top, use a chair on the baseline.
See Layups - Blast cuts, Shooting - Pitino v-cut, 3-man 2-ball using screens, Basic 4, Bill Self perimeter, Borg, Varidel workout (downscreen, baseline, double screen).

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