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3 on 2 outlet

Minimum 7 players, shown with 9, not in teams. 1-2-3 attack 4-5. 8-9 are at outlet positions (sideline, foul line extended). 6-7 are the next defenders.

Option - 6 and 7 wait near midcourt, or on the sideline, until the attack against them begins.

On a stop or score, 4 or 5 outlet to 8 and attack 6-7. One player out of 1-2-3 leaves to the outlet position, the other two remain on the court to defend the next attack (optionally waiting in or first touching the centre circle).
Option - the last attacker to touch the ball goes off (Herb Brown).

With only 8 players, player 1 would go to the outlet position at the other end. With 7 players, the shooter attacks the other way with the two defenders (no outlet).


- 2 on 1
- 4 on 3
- attackers can't dribble in the frontcourt.

See Transition - 3 on 2 outlet (teams).

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