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1 on 1
Double continuity

1 attacks 3, 2 attacks 4 at the other end. On a stop or score, the defender outlets to the sideline player, who attacks the other way against the former attacker. Former defenders 3 and 4 go to outlet positions. Rotation is attack, defend, go off.
See 1 on 1 - Both ways, Transition - Calipari 11.

- outlet players cannot leave until they get the pass
- outlet player c-cut for a pass
- outlet players are behind the baseline
- outlet pass to the corner
- no outlet pass, the next attacker at each end has a ball (4 balls in total)
- inbounds pass on a make (pressing)
- players must stay on one side of the court (coaching.fibaeurope.com)
- 2 teams, one at each end.
Ian MacKinnon - only one 1-on-1 (not two at the same time), one shot only.
Progression - build to 2 on 2 (see Transition - 2 on 2 on 2) then 3 on 3 (see Swiss 3 on 3 converting and 3 on 3 fullcourt).

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