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Lokar Trojans transition

Ray Lokar

Line of players at halfcourt, first player 2 sprints for a pass from 1 under the basket and shoots, 1 sprints, gets a pass from 3 at halfcourt, makes an open-court move at the three-point line (e.g., hesitation, inside-out) and dribbles for a layup.

1 rebounds his shot and goes to the passing line, 2 rebounds his shot, passes to 3, and sprints for a pass from 4.

With a full team, use both sides of the court
(players stay on each side).
- 3 takes a shot-fake one-dribble pull-up off the pass from 2
- 2 pulls up to shoot off the dribble
- to speed up the drill, put another player under the basket who rebounds 2's shot and passes to 3, 2 rebounds the next shot by 4.
See Shooting - Choice is yours.

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