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Oakland 5 on 0 to 5 on 5

Greg Kampe

A really good drill if you run a lot of sets.

Team O runs a 5-on-0 set to score. X4 is out of bounds with another ball, other team X players are wherever coach puts them to start (e.g., on the halfcourt line).

Fist - 5 sprints to ballscreen, e.g. after a kickup (loop fist), a kickback (pitch fist)), or a throwback after a kickup or kickback (loop kick fist, pitch kick fist).

When team O scores the ball, X4 inbounds the other ball (to anybody on his team), team O has to get back on defence - stop the ball (high and early), run with vision.

Play to a stop or score up and back, re-set and repeat, continue then switch teams.

See Transition - Calipari transition defence, Scrimmage - Pistons scrimmages, also Fast break - Syracuse 5 on 5 outlet.up

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