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X closeouts

Lawrence Frank
NBA Coaches Playbook

1 sprints to the right elbow and closes out (not giving up the middle of the court), slides diagonally down, sprints and closes out on the left elbow, then slides down to where he started for one trip. Go three times.

(Option - 2-3 players can go at the same time, e.g. one player starts in the right corner, see Defending - X close-outs with ball toss)

Derek Kellogg - go for 30 seconds, close out on an attacker who dribbles from elbow to elbow, hit the floor with both hands in the baseline corners, score one point for each close-out (should be 6-7), close out with hands high (inside hand up, inside foot out), under control with a stutter step.

Taylor Allan - box drill - lateral slide elbow to elbow, diagonal slide, lateral slide, elbow close-out, continue (option - start with an elbow close-out).

Tony Watson - two-ball dribbling.

See Defending - Calipari box close-outs, Nash triangle slides, Close-out and reach step.

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