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1 on 1
Machine-gun close-out

Bill Pangos

1 passes to 2 and closes out, 2 shoots, 1 boxes out, both players rebound a miss, play to a stop or score.

1 goes to the end of the line he passed to, 2 is the next defender, he passes to 3 and closes out, 3 shoots.


- live on the pass, the attacker can shoot or drive
- the defender must make a stop to get out.
Manny Furtado - 2 passes to 3, touches him on the hip, forces weakhand, three-dribble limit, one shot, 2 stays on defence if 3 gets an offensive rebound.
See 1 on 1 - Continuous, Defending - UConn 1 on 1 stops, Rebounding - Partner, Defence - Dave Smart weak-hand (use a point system).

Ian MacKinnon - close out on a skip pass, live 1 on 1, limited dribbles, defender 2 stays on a score and 3 goes behind 1, 2 goes off on a stop and is replaced by attacker 3, 4 makes the next skip pass to 5, 2 or 3 will close out.

- the attacker gets one point for getting into the paint with his strong hand
- get two points for any made basket, one point for a shot off the rim on the skip pass
- use only three players, alternate possessions, rotate attacker to defender, here 5 would be the next attacker off a skip pass from 2, 3 defends
- for a shooting drill, 3 shoots, 2 contests the shot and rebounds, 3 is the next defender, 5 shoots.

Collin Castellaw - 2 tosses the ball to a wing from the nail (in a help position).

See Defending - Continuous close-outs, 1 on 1 wing, Weakside 1 on 1, 1 on 1 - Off skip pass.

Progression - smash a flash, see Defending - Pasquali denial (weakside cuts).

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