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Dribble shoot relay

2-3-4 teams on the baseline, two balls per team. One player from each team dribbles fullcourt to the far basket, takes one shot, dribbles back, shoots once at the near basket, gives the ball to a teammate. The second player on each team goes when the first player shoots at the far end. First team to X baskets wins. Repeat with weakhand dribbling.


- one or more teams start on opposite baselines (e.g. with 2 teams)
- dribble with the outside hand (change hands coming back)
- start with layups
- 2 points for a weak-hand layup
- players can (or must) shoot until they score
- limit of 3 shots at each basket for kids
- perimeter shots only
- shoot only at the far basket
- shoot only at the near basket, dribble around cones at the far end
- only one ball per team
- step-backs, crossover-shoot, spin-shoot, hesitation pull-ups etc.
- regular scoring, take 2-point or 3-point shots, play to 21 points (option - 1 point for a layup, or any shot in the paint).

Harbir Bains
- four teams on the baseline, one ball per group, dribble to halfcourt, jump stop, pivot 360 degrees, make a layup at the other end, dribble back, finish with a layup, hand the ball to the next person on your team
- or dribble to halfcourt, jump stop, pivot 180 degrees, dribble back to the foul-line extended, jump stop, pivot 180 degrees, make a layup at the other end, dribble back and take a layup
- re-do with left hand.
David Faucher - four teams on the baseline, one ball each, first team to make 7 layups, losers do sit-ups, repeat with weakhand dribbling.

Xavier - Oak Hill fullcourt shooting - two teams start on the baseline, one on each lane line, each with a ball, the first player on each team dribbles upcourt with the correct hand for that side, takes a jump shot from the elbow on the opposite side, a make is 2 points, make a putback on a miss for 1 point, repeat at the other end then the next player goes. Everyone goes X times, or play to X points.
See Shooting - 5star fullcourt conditioning, 31, Layups - DeMatha speed.

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