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Fast break
Spurs 4-out

Gregg Popovich

4 inbounds to 1 on the nail who passes to 2 who passes to 3 (or 1 to 3 to 2). 4 rebounds, the wings cross.

Never pass backwards, take it to the rim if the receiver is behind ball level.

Repeat coming back.

Larry Brown - 4 tosses the ball off the backboard to start play, point guard 1 gets the outlet pass up the floor with his back to the sideline, throws it up the same side, always makes the scoring pass. The ball can't hit the floor (no dunking), go up and back twice, one shot only, no inbounds pass, 4 outlets to 1, the wings cross deep, hit the trailer on the last trip.
Bill Self - 4 trips, outlet after a make.
Chris Oliver - Pops passing - one ball, each group can make two trips (or more) before the next group goes, or only one trip, progression - into offence. 
See Fast break - 4-player rush.

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