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3-on-0 kick-out

Ian MacKinnon

1) Drive and kick for a shot

Alternate shots from the corner and wing. 1 drives baseline, 2 drifts to the corner for a pass and shoots, 1 closes out and replaces 2.

4 drives, 6 gets to 45 degrees on the weakside, 4 passes and closes out, 6 shoots.

(Variation - 6 gets to 90 degrees above the ballside elbow, in a game, a weakside low post has cut to the dots)

5 will then drive and kick to 1.

Marg Jones - have one line of players on the weakside wing, another in the corner, and a help defender in the lane, alternate baseline drives (pass to the corner) and middle drives (pass to the wing), the passer closes out and becomes the next help defender.

Ian MacKinnon - 4 makes a primary move (baseline or middle), then a secondary move, passes to the player on the weakside wing or the player in the corner, and replaces that player.

See Shooting - Penetration, 3 drives 3 shots, Kick-out close-out, Tactics - 4-out 1-in drive-kick-shoot.

2) One-more shooting

a) Corner

Follow the kick-out pass. 1 drives baseline, passes to 6 and closes out, 6 makes a "one more" pass to 2 in the corner for a shot. 6 replaces 2 and is the next shooter, 1 replaces 6. First player to make five baskets, change sides.

Progression - 1 drives middle, 6 and 2 widen the drive (or 2 backcuts).

coachesclipboard.ca - one-more shooting - 1 drives baseline, 2 drifts to the corner, 6 slides to 45 degrees from the top of the key, 1 passes to 6, 2 calls "one more", 6 passes to 2 for a shot, a coach behind the baseline passes to 6 for a shot.

b) Wing

Follow the kick-out pass. 1 passes to 2 in the corner, closes out, 2 passes to 6 for a shot. 2 replaces 6, 1 replaces 2.

4 will drive and kick to 1, who passes to 2.

Progression - 1 can pass to 2 or 6 to start and follow the pass.

Tom Crean - always be in the slot on a baseline drift pass, it's the most open shot in the game.

coachesclipboard.ca - 1 passes to 2, 6 calls "one more", 2 passes to 6 for a shot, 2 gets a pass from a coach behind the baseline.
See YouTube video - Jim San playing fast basketball drills (6 drives for a layup).

See Shooting - Bang-bang.

c) Corner and wing

Close out on the one-more pass. 1 drives baseline, passes to 6 who passes to 2 for a shot, 1 closes out on the shooter, and replaces 2.

4 drives and kicks to 1 who passes to 6 for a shot, 4 closes outs and replaces 6.

(Option - have 1 start on the wing and drift baseline)

Next 5 will drive and kick to 4, close out on 1.

d) With on-ball defender

Corner and wing shooting, the defender closes out on the extra pass.

X1 defends 1 and gets beat on a baseline drive, 1 passes to 2 (or 6), who makes a one-more pass, X1 closes out to contest the shot and replace the shooter.

In a game, the beaten defender has leftovers (here second pass).

See Defence - Forcing left basics, Defending - Forcing left shell.

Rotate offence to defence, 1 is the next on-ball defender, on 4, who will drive and kick to X1, who passes to 2, 1 closes out.

Progression - 1 drives middle and passes to 6 or 2, who widen the drive.


1 drives from the top, kicks to 2 and closes out high side, 2 drives baseline and kicks to 3 drifting to the weakside corner, 2 follows his pass, 3 drives middle for a layup (don't drive baseline, that's where the defence is). 1 replaces 2, who is the next shooter. Make 8-10 layups in a row.

(Variation - 3 shoots from the corner)

See Shooting - Duke 3-ball drive and kick, Florida dribble-drive, Pitino 3-man, Duke 3-man penetrate and kick.

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