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Snake pull-ups

Collin Castellaw

See YouTube video - Master the pull-up, also YouTube playlist - Lateral separation.

From behind the 3-point line, quick rip to attack middle with a crossover step, loop over the first elbow, switch hands, loop around the second elbow, shoot a pull-up.

Switch sides, repeat.

Option - shoot 3s.


Snake then

a) Cross and pull

Crossover dribble outside (move laterally, use a cross-step), pull-up jumper.

b) Cross and step back

Crossover dribble and cross-step, one dribble and step back.

c) Behind the back shuffle.


- Crossover stepback with no extra dribble.
- Crossover, float and run with the ball (two steps), one-dribble stepback.
- Behind the back (wrap) stepback (with or without an extra dribble).

See YouTube videos - Skip crossover series, Kemba Walker stepback, Curry shooting series part 2, Curry off-the-dribble workout.
Use a push-out (or inside-out) move for strong-side lateral separation, e.g. see YouTube videos - Nasty hesi, Curry shooting series part 1, also playlist Lateral bounds.up

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