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Fast break
Izzo rebound-outlet

Tom Izzo

A fast break needs good, quick outlet passes.

a) Inbounds pass

5 scores the ball, 1 sprints to the outlet spot with his butt to the sideline so he can see the floor. 5 gets the ball behind the baseline, makes the inbounds pass, 1 takes two dribbles diagonally towards the middle, gets the ball to 6 then goes to the back of the line. 4 and 2 go next.

The outlet spots are foul-line extended one yard from each sideline. After a made basket, go to the side of the inbounder's strong hand, after a miss, the point guard goes to the ballside outlet spot. The inbounder leads him upcourt if possible, the point guard gets the ball out front and chases it, he should get to the ballside edge of the centre circle at halfcourt in two dribbles.

If the point guard is overplayed, his first step is towards the ball, his second step is on a diagonal towards the middle.

b) Outlet pass

4 shoots, 5 rebounds on the other side, turns outside, chins the ball and passes to 1 at the outlet spot. 6 shoots next for 4.

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