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Partner reaction

John Leonzo

Two players, read partner and react to shoot or drive.

a) Warm-up

Each player takes 3 shots from 5 spots (corner, wing, top of the key, wing, corner), one player take 3 shots from a corner, switches with the rebounder, then they move to the next spot.

Rebounder 2 passes to shooter 1 then either puts his hands behind his back, which triggers a shot by 1, or puts his hands up overhead, which triggers a drive by 1.

Here 2 puts his hands up, 1 drives.

2 can follow his pass to close out.

1 goes back for a pass, this time 2's hands are behind his back and 1 shoots.

Continue until each player has taken 15 total shots.

(Variation - 5 shots from each spot)

See YouTube video - Partner decision shooting warmup.

Also see Dribbling - Chair drill, Shooting - Pasquali reaction, Drive-and-kick.

b) Drive and kick

Coach passes to 1, who drives and kicks to 2, then puts his hands up and 2 drives, or puts his hands behind his back and 2 shoots (shown).

Leonzo's rule of thumb is that the ball pushes you away if driven toward you (shown); if dribbled away from you, fill behind.

Coach gets off the floor.


- start with 1 passing to 2 then getting a return pass, see below
- rotate behind a drive towards you (Euro cut).

2 rebounds, passes to 1 and exits for a return pass.

Now 2 drives and kicks to 1, who reads the drive and whether 2 puts his hands behind his back (1 shoots) or overhead (1 drives, shown).

1 rebounds, will pass to 2, get a return pass, continue.

Compete for makes.

See YouTube video - Dribble reaction shooting.

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