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Calipari dribble-drive

John Calipari

See Offence - Calipari dribble-drive.

1) Relocations

When coach drives at you, relocate with a large crossover step almost under the basket (here with the left foot), the next step is through (right foot), then slide (hop reverse pivot), coach makes a touch pass (not a bounce pass), dunk or lay it in. Repeat on the other side.
See Post play - Calipari catches.

2) Kickback duck-ins

Coach in the lane is your defender, with a blocking pad.

a) At the top

Start low, duck in on a kickback pass across the top (crossover step middle, step through), catch and crab dribble either way to finish, step and dribble at the same time.

If you try to catch close to the basket, the other team will totally front you, so try to catch it higher.

Progression - catch, turn and shoot a jumper, use the backboard.

b) To the corner

On a dribble and kickback pass to the corner, cross the lane under your defender as the pass is in the air.

If he is playing high you can catch, swing the ball overhead and forward pivot middle to face the baseline (here pivot on the right foot), dribble and finish (see Post play - Calipari close crab score).

In most cases you will cross the lane, meet the defender, wedge him up, catch, drop step to the basket (not baseline), and crab dribble (bounce it only if you need to).

3) Drops

a) Duck in as coach stops in the box (at the elbow area) and looks at you, catch and finish (e.g. crab dribble).

b) Up - come up near the elbow, catch and shoot (forward pivot, inside foot), or step through (baseline) and finish.

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