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Villanova jab-swing series

Jay Wright

Use two balls and two coaches as passers to work on a jab and swing series (see Footwork - Jay Wright jab-swing series). Here 2 v-cuts for a pass, catches with an inside-foot pivot and makes a layup using a jab and go move.

2 rebounds his shot, passes the ball back where it came from and changes sides, at the same time 3 v-cuts for a pass from the other coach. 3 will rebound his shot, make a return pass and switch sides, 4 is the next shooter.
Option - to use four balls, a rebounder on each side starts with a second ball and passes to coach, rotate the rebounders after X shots, or rotate shooter to rebounder on both sides after each shot, see Shooting - Shell, Huggins cutting.

For shooting using a screen, have a coach on the wing with a ball, a permanent screener screens away guard to guard, shooters v-cut for a pass coming off the screen, shoot (e.g., jab and rip), rebound, and pass back to coach.

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