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Vance Walberg scramble

Vance Walberg

3 on 2 scramble.

a) No teams

Outlet players are top of key extended. 1, 2 and 3 attack 4 and 5, one shot only, all five players contest the rebound, make or miss.

Here 5 gets the rebound. Outlet player 8 on the side of the rebound yells "outlet", sweeps in on a banana cut for the outlet pass, takes a blow-out dribble, tries to hit 9 (the man ahead), 5 fills the outside lane (the wings run wide). 8 does not dribble up to the defence unless 9 is guarded.

On a pass to 9, 8 spots up ballside above the elbow behind the arc, 5 goes to the basket weakside. If the ball is passed back to 8, he shoots or makes a shot pass (lob) to 5. If 9 drives baseline, 8 drags behind.

Again there will be only one shot, five rebounders, the rebounder outlets and attacks with the two outlet players.

Progression - no dribbling (jump stop on catches).

See Transition - 11-man fast break.

b) Teams, with scoring

Two teams, one at each end. Team O attacks team X, one shot, both teams rebound, with regular scoring plus one point for an offensive rebound, even after a make, except if the ball is out of play or after a missed layup. Team O gives the ball to team X after an offensive rebound.

The team X defender with the ball (here X2) outlets ballside and attacks team O, the attackers from team O return to outlet positions at their end, X1 stays on to defend the next attack and another team X defender comes on too.

Play to 8 points, the losers run up and back in 10 seconds, but the winners must validate their win - the player who scored the winning basket must make a foul shot, or his team doesn't get the win, and they do five push-ups.

See Transition - Calipari 32 (no offensive rebounding), 3 on 2 outlet (teams).

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