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Schepp ballscreens

Kirby Schepp
Basketball Manitoba


5 passes cross-court, sprints to screen, and tells 2 he is coming to get him. 2 jabs baseline and comes off the screen with a crossover step, 5 steps with his top foot and sprints wide (use cones, go outside them). 2 passes to 5 who finishes.

4 and 1 go next, screeners and guards change sides, then flip it.

The screener sprints to screen with fists on elbows (not holding his nuts), and turns away from the ball to roll, not open to the ball to see the ball. It's more about speed, and the path to the rim must be wide. The only real value in rolling chest to the ball is if they switch it, you can seal.

Guards should jump stop into a catch so they can use a cross-step (an open step is a travel).

Open up and drag a hedge, decide whether to kick it to get a triangle pass, or attack the big again. The kick can be to a player filling behind the ballscreen.

They play a lot of 3 on 3 ballscreens, see Attack/Defend - Schepp 3 on 3 ballscreens, also Tactics - Schepp ballscreens.


- 5 spins a pass in the low post, catches, reverse pivots on his outside foot, skip passes to 2
- 2 comes off the screen and passes to 1 for a triangle pass to 5.

See Post play - Procopio post workout (Sidescreen and pop).


3 on 0 plus coach (or any permanent screener).

Coach is a permanent screener.

If 2 sees 3 turn the corner, he has to slide down the 3-point line to create space, looking for the ball to shoot it.

3 comes up to create his space behind 1, the farther 1 goes, the farther 3 has to go.

To begin, 1 turns the corner and pitches to 2, or stops, pivots and pitches to 3.

Here 1 pitches to 3 who shoots, 1 rebounds.

1 passes to shooter 3, finds a new spot, repeat with coach screening for 3.


- 3 turns the corner and 1 slides down
- 3 comes off, opens up, drags out a hedge, 1 stays, or can come toward the ball looking for a pass (and hit a roll man), 3 can make a pitch to either player, or attack again and 1 slides.

Progression - 3 on 3 plus coach as screener, he rolls, don't pass him the ball, but the defence has to help on him at least for a second, it's live.

They're trying to get triangle situations. The ballscreen is not a two-man play. The teaching is all about decision-making.

Teach players to understand what they are going to do with the ball before they get the ball. The old days of square-up triple threat are dead. Be able to play before you get the ball.

See Tactics - 4 on 0 ballscreens, 3 on 0 ballscreens.

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