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Pass and follow

Groups of three or more players. 1 passes to 2 and follows the pass to go behind, 5 passes to 6 and follows.

2 and 6 pass and follow, continue.

coachesclipboard.ca - Jump stop drill - each receiver takes a small step towards the passer, jumps in the air on the pass, catches, and lands with a jump stop (ball in the air, feet in the air), progression - use a stride (one-two) stop.

Steve Nash Youth Basketball - Pass and replace
- call names, give a target, move to receive a pass
- run to the right, jump stop and pivot to get back in line
- with pressure - the passer becomes a defender on the passer, who is not allowed to dribble (work on fakes and pivots)
- with pressure and a dribble - the passer can take a strong dribble to beat the defender
- break the three in a row - the receiver cuts to one side, the passer fakes away from the cut.

Al Sokaitis - pass, take three slides away and back.

Tara VanDerveer (Gooroo) -
Pass and follow - groups of 4 players with one ball, use different passes (chest, bounce, push, wrap-around, baseball).

See Jr. NBA - Passing (Pass and follow), Defending - Close-out lines, also Footwork - Live-ball moves.


The lines are further apart.


All players dribble to the middle then pass (shown for 1, then 2 will dribble and pass to 3).
See Footwork - Live-ball moves.


Harbir Bains - the lines are on each sideline, the first receiver runs towards the ball then passes right away (one line catches on the move, the other line is stationary).

Here 6 cuts for a pass from 5, makes an immediate pass to 7, 8 will cut to the middle next.

See Passing - Pangos exchange, Pangos double-line exchange, Four passes, Dribbling - 3-man pass-follow-dribble.up

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