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Lemanis 5 on 5 defensive transition

Andrej Lemanis

5 on 5, start with a halfcourt set (he uses a turn-out), then fullcourt on a stop or score,

- whoever shoots the ball on offence has to touch the baseline before getting back in transition
- nobody has to touch the baseline on a turnover
- the offence does not have to inbound after a made shot, just grab the ball and go
- play one trip of the floor (Chris Oliver - or as many as you like)
- count down a shot clock if the initial offensive possession is going too slowly.

The person who touches out of bounds will end up covering a check on the weak side of the floor (in a game, the last player back usually picks up the weak side).

- any ball out of bounds goes to the defence
- if coach calls "turnover", put the ball down and touch the baseline.

Defensive transition concepts:

- sort out your offensive rebounding rules (e.g. he has allowed 1-2-3 to decide whether to go to the offensive boards)
- anybody has anybody, you don't run to your check, transition defence is a scramble situation
- cover the ball - get it under control as early as possible ("I got it"), slow it down, keep it on a side, and keep it in front
- cover the basket - the player at the basket is the eyes of the whole defence
- nail spot (middle of the foul line) - the player that gives help to the player covering the ball.

Chris Oliver - we call this the 'slant' spot, we force the ball middle into this slant. The slant is usually the player covering the inbounder or a trail player. The first post back releases the "get-back" player, who covers the weakside wing. The get-back player is usually the point guard, and always gets back, even if he shoots. Other players must identify bad offensive rebounding situations, e.g., they have no chance of getting the rebound, and the get-back player is in a bad position.

See Scrimmage - Whistle, Transition - 4 on 4 recover, Defence - Transition basics.

Here shooter 3 touches the baseline as team X fast breaks to the other basket, 1 covers the basket.up

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