Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

1 on 1
Coach as passer

1 on 1 series with coach as a passer, each attacker must stay on his side. Limit of 2-3 dribbles, play to a stop or score, make-it, take-it against a new defender.


- one shot only
- one shot only but the attacker can stay on attack with an offensive rebound (see 1 on 1 close-out)
- attack-defend-off
- the defender must make a stop to get out (or two, or two in a row).

Progression - 2 on 2 (see Villanova 2 on 2 whack-out, Duke two-man contesting wide, 2 on 2 shell).

a) Close-out from gap

Coach has two balls, passes to 1, X1 closes out. Alternate sides, coach will then pass to 2, X2 closes out.

- the first pass to 1 is a shell drill, X1 closes out, then 1 passes back to coach
- stunt and recover if coach drives.

See 1 on 1 - Tom Crean 3-minute (X1 has one foot in the lane), Defending - 1 on 1 stops, Duke driving line, Boone, Rudez.

b) Contesting

1 has to get open for a pass (option - within five seconds), can v-cut, L-cut, drag the arc to the corner, or blast cut from the corner.

See Defending - Denial, Denial both sides, Duke driving line, Blast cuts, On close-out.

Ian MacKinnon - the attacker gets 1 point for a catch with one foot in the paint, 2 points for a backdoor catch, 1 point for a basket, can pass back to the passer once, and is limited to three dribbles and one shot. Players rotate as the passer.
Ray Lokar - the attacker can pass back out to coach, play to a stop or score.

c) Jump to the ball

1 and 2 have balls. 1 passes to coach then backcuts or face cuts (if X1 does not jump to the ball). If there is no pass and 1 comes back out to the wing, have X1 gap or deny.

Option - the first pass to coach is a shell, X1 jumps to the ball in a deny or gap position, coach passes back to 1.

See 1 on 1 - 1 on 0, 1 on 1, Ganon Baker give and go, Defending - 1 on 1 with passers, Pasquali denial, Pasquali closeouts (coach drives and kicks to 1, X1 stunts and recovers), Villanova jump to the ball.

d) Close-out from help

Coach skip passes, X1 closes out from a help position.
Option - coach drives, X1 helps then recovers on a pass.

Progression - flash cut from weakside (option - 1 skip passes to coach then cuts).

Aaron Johnston - Gopher box-out - coach shoots and X1 blocks out 1, or 1-on-1 off a skip pass, drive and kick (X1 helps and recovers), or weakside flash.

Michael Meek - coach and 1 are on the wings foul-line extended, X1 passes to 1 from the block and closes out, 1 skip passes to coach, cuts from weakside.

See 1 on 1 - Off skip pass, Machine-gun close-out, Defending - Weakside close-out, Pitt close-out 1 on 1, Pasquali denial (weakside cuts), Weakside 1 on 1, Rebounding - Weakside.

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