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Green shell

Lawrence Frank
NBA Coaches Playbook

"Green" means fronting the low post. From a 4-on-4 shell, defenders shift as usual on a guard-to-guard pass. On a guard-to-forward pass, the guard who didn't pass slice cuts to the ballside post. Here defender X4 must jump to the ball, defend the cut, then get to a "green" in front of 4, with hands high and butt low, yelling "green, green, green!". Weakside forward X3 gets to a tag (help) position in the lane to prevent a lob pass, yelling "tag, tag, tag!". On-ball defender X2 is in a hard, no-middle stance, pressuring the ball to discourage a post pass, using the nearest hand to trace the ball to limit the vision of the passer. X1 gives elbow protection and is ready to help if 2 drives middle.

2 passes back to 1, 3 comes up weakside, 4 replaces 3.
(Option - 4 tries to reverse-pivot seal on the pass to 1, see Defending - 4 on 1 post)

1 swings the ball to 3, who passes to 4, 1 slice cuts to the low post.

Repeat the drill, all defenders get to defend a slice into the post, and tag the post.

The Nets want to take away the middle of the floor, protect the three-second lane, contest shots, and block out and rebound.
- make a post entry, throw the ball back out to the passer
- trap the post
- play 3/4 in the post.

See Defending - Florida shell, Woodley post.

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