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White & black

Jim O'Brien
NBA Coaches Playbook

See Defence - White & black match-up press.

1 on 1

Use one side of the court going each way. A coach inbounds at each end, no higher than the top of the circle. Each attacker starts directly in front of a coach, the defender lines up on the sideline side, facing coach, in physical contact with their hip and elbow. Each defender denies inbounds passes in front of them, once the ball is inbounded they pressure the ballhandler into a speed dribble while maintaining contact. If the dribbler blows by, sprint trying to back-tip the ball.

2 on 2

Again use half the court vertically, replace each coach with an inbounder and defender, who pressures the inbounder (white press) or plays behind the attacker getting the inbounds pass (black press). Deny the inbounds pass, if the pass is made, play 2 on 2, try to force a speed dribble and trap. If a pass is made out of the trap, the defenders sprint out and try to back tip.
See Transition - 4-man weave to 2 on 2.

3 on 3

Use the whole court and don't limit where the ball can be inbounded. Designate a white or black press to start, play until a dead ball. After a score, players need to know which press to use.
(Variation - put 2 up the ballside sideline to start)

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