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Steph Curry challenge


See YouTube video - Steph Curry Shooting Challenge.

Two minutes, 5 spots, take 3 different pick-up shots, make 5 out of 7 (or 5 in a row) to move to the next spot, otherwise move back one spot. On a pick-up shot, first receive the ball with one hand and take a dribble with the same hand. The shots in order are:

- pick-up jumper - receive, one dribble, jump shot
- pick-up into space - receive, one dribble, one dribble forward, pull-up jump shot
- pick-up stepback 3 (out of space) - receive, one dribble, one dribble into a stepback (like a dead-leg move).

Handle the ball with the right hand on the right side, left hand on the left side, your choice at the top.

See Shooting - Eastman quick release, Ganon Baker one-hand catches.

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