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Nash 20-minute workout


Steve Nash DVD

For 20 minutes, shoot, rebound, dribble into position to shoot again, using various moves on the dribble.

Start close to the basket, shoot on the baseline side to side, work on form and release, the basket gets big, confidence goes up, he sometimes makes 50 (count makes not misses).

Likes to make 10 before moving on, or 10 in a row. Can't end on a miss, make two more.

Eyes up.

When tired, the legs start to go and you lose concentration; when the legs go, the shot goes.

Shot progression

- move further out each side on the baseline
- bank shots
- elbow to elbow
- runners, with high arc (loves them)
- hesitation pull-up, a favourite move off a pick and roll when defenders switch
- post turnarounds - over the right shoulder (backdown dribble with the right hand and spin, dribble with the left hand on the other side, fake spin, front pivot), then over the left shoulder
- running hook shots
- pull-up jumpers each way from the top (from triple threat, pull up at the foul line)
- dribble, spin, shoot
- college 3's
- step backs (tough when tired)
- pick and roll shooting - middle and side (including going baseline)
- NBA 3's (best when tired, use your legs).

See Shooting - Nash game shots, Billy Donovan solo (shoot and follow).

Bob Hurley - they add a "Chauncey Billups" hard drive from halfcourt into a pull-up 3, then a stop and go.

For group drills, see Layups - Kiwi cutting, Shooting - 5-spot 5-minute, Alternates, Mike Procopio triple threat, Hubie Brown off the dribble, Dave Smart sidescreens, also Teams.

Ganon Baker - Nash loves to go off one foot, and is very comfortable with either foot. Using an inside pivot foot, drive, a) lean in, dip a shoulder into the defender, finish, b) inside-outside stop, step through, c) step through, front pivot (second pivot), hook shot off one foot. Using an outside pivot foot, drive, stride stop, front pivot (spin away), a) jump hook (off two feet), hook shot (off one foot), or turnaround fade-away jumper, b) step through (second pivot), c) step through, third pivot. A step-through finish can be off two feet (if close to the basket).

Damin Altizer - inside-outside stop (always want initial shot option), step thru (counter - spin back), step around (step back), back (reverse) pivot (can't step thru, counter - spin back).

See Post play - Ganon Baker form hook shots, Pasquali power layups, Footwork - Pasquali pivoting.up

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