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5star workout

Mike Moreau

An individual dribbling workout for any player. Putback any miss. For the complete 5star workout, also use 5star defensive and shooting workouts, and 5star Score 24 shooting.

a) Ball handling

From the sideline at halfcourt, dribble with the right hand, crossover dribble at the foul-line extended then again at the elbow, finish with a layup, use two crossover dribbles to go back out to halfcourt on the other sideline. Repeat from there with the left hand.


- between the legs change of direction
- behind the back.

- spin dribble
- add an inside-out move first
- other combination moves

John Brady - a) crossover, crossover, jump stop, power move, repeat on the other side, then b) between the legs, c) behind the back.

(Other progressions)

- have two lines of players, one on each side, switch lines
- change direction at the 3-point line extended, then at the arc, shoot from the elbows.
See Dribbling - Lee Rose halfcourt.

b) Moves off the dribble

From the sideline at halfcourt, attack the basket with the right hand, stutter step near the arc or elbow, blow by for a layup, make the same move going back out the other side, repeat from there with the left hand. Protect the ball with the off hand, keep the inside shoulder low.


- stutter, crossover dribble, finish on the other side of the basket (counter move), protect the ball with the off hand
- inside-out move (fake crossover, full speed, no hesitation)
- inside-out, behind the back
- between the legs.

Option - use a coach or cones near the elbows.

See Dribbling - Kevin O'Neill moves,
Chair drill, KP Series, Layups - Villanova, Primary-secondary moves, Shooting - Billy Donovan workouts (halfcourt dribble moves).

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