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5star quick bounce

David Thorpe

a) Trampoline - arms extended high, bounce 20 times as high as you can, do 2 sets, work up to 2 x 250.

b) Quick bounce and finish - toss a ball high off the backboard, catch high with two hands, explode quickly back up to finish, don't gather to jump. Progression - add a defender.

c) Superman (shown) - get a rebound out of area. Start outside the paint, throw the ball high off the board to the other side, land outside the paint with a jump stop, 20 reps. Progression - hit a defender when coach shoots to the other side, then go get the ball.

d) Dunk drill - 10 dunk shots as fast as possible (make or miss), gather and explode, then 5, 3, and 1 (divide by two for each set).

See Post play - Rim touching, Power-ups, Superman, and Tipping.

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