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Fast break
Dribble-drive 5-on-0

5 on 0 fullcourt dribble-drive layups at speed. Always score (putback any miss), 4 inbounds. Start the first trip with a made basket. Trip options,

- up and back, start from both ends
- start with a halfcourt attack
- one trip for each progression
- include primary fast break (scripted or random)
- 90 seconds, or until someone runs out of gas.


- basic motion - rack, drag, drop zones
- entries - kickback (pitch), quick, swing, drag, dribble-push (pullback, quick-replace)
- post-ups - throwback, swing-quick
- ballscreens
- perimeter shots (option - no putbacks, outlet on a miss).

All possessions are shown going upcourt in the diagrams, not alternating up and back.

See Offences - Dribble-drive progression, Dribble-drive basics, Fast break - 6-cycle dribble-drive, Beep-beep, 5 on 0 trips, Shooting - Grinnell run the floor, Fast breaks - Early dribble-drive ballscreens, Offence - Hoiberg pitch series.
Variations - 5 on 5, two teams
- one team plays dummy defence back and forth, then flip-flop
- alternate possessions, both teams play dummy defence, and convert from offence to defence using their defensive transition system (progression - one shot only, no putbacks).

1) Basic motion

a) Penetration

1 drives into the lane (either hand), options

- rack it
- pass to 5 cleaning up or relocating
- drag-zone skip pass to weakside wing, 5 posts
- hit 4 filling behind, exit cut, 4 drives.

Shot option - kick-out to the ballside corner.

b) Drop zone

1 drives to drop 2 or 3, options

- 2 backcuts, 5 ducks in or tees-up
- 1-2 kickup, 2 shoots or drives middle (e.g. 2-4 kickback, drop 3)
- 1-2 kickup, 2-1 throwback, 5 posts (see Post-ups)
- skip pass.
Option - two drives (or drive and kicks) and a post touch.


- kickup-fist (for 2)
- kickup-throwback-fist (for 1).

2) Entries

Option - add pullback-dribble and quick-replace entries (Kentucky dribble-drive).

a) Kickback (pitch)

1-4 kickback, options

- 4 drives the lane, 1 fills behind
- 4 stops in the drop zone (kickup, backcut)
- 4-1 throwback (swing pass) and cut
- 4-2 quick pass and cut.
See Calipari middle drive, Kentucky pitch entry, pitch, Walberg middle penetration.


- kickback-fist (for 4)
- kickback-throwback-fist (for 1).

b) Quick

1-2 quick, 2 can drive baseline or middle (or 4 moves over on a two-count, 2 passes and flattens back to the corner).

Ballscreen - quick-fist.
See Calipari quick entry, wing pass, Kentucky quick, Walberg elevate 2.

c) Swing

1-4 swing and corner cut, e.g. 4 can
- attack middle (triple gap)
- attack left (1 reads it)
- run a 4-3 quick pass and cut.
Variations - basket cut, nail cut, brush (rub) cut.

Ballscreen - swing-fist.
See Calipari swing-corner, nail cut, Kentucky pullback, quick set.

d) Drag

4-1 drag, 1 comes off, drives the lane or drop zone.
See Bollant 4-1 ballscreen, Oakland through, Fast breaks - Early dribble-drive ballscreens.

e) Dribble-push

1 waves through 2, dribbles to the wing, and can attack middle or baseline.

4 and 3 fill behind after a two-count.
Mads Olesen - use Dribble-push and Quick to check for zone defence, or to create a triple gap for 3.
See Kentucky wave through, quick 1, Walberg dribble push.

3) Post-ups

For skip-pass post-ups, see Offences - Dribble-drive progression, Oakland dribble-drive.

a) Swing-quick (triangle)

1-4 swing, 4-3 quick, use the 1-3-5 triangle to get the ball into the post.

Ballscreens if there is no post entry

- Butler (for 3)
- Hawk (for 1).

b) Throwback

1-2 kickup.

2-1 dribble throwback, 5 posts.
If there is no post entry, 1 can drive middle (4 and 3 rotate behind, see Calipari), or 4 moves over on a two-count, 1 passes and flattens back to the corner (see Dribble-drive quick-swing).
This can be used against zone defence, see Zone set plays - Oakland loop series (Loop kick).

Kentucky - they don't dive anybody on a post entry, they want 5 to play.

Olesen - on a pass into the post look to have the opposite high dive and opposite diagonal elevate.

See Calipari kickback. up

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