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3 on 3 flex screens

Ian MacKinnon

3 on 3 continuous flex screens. 4 flex screens for 2 on the pass from 6 to 7.

Defensively, X2 wants to go ballside over the screen (unless the screen is high on the lane line, then go under), so X2 jumps to the ball and sits on top of the screen, seeing the ball. X4 hedges low, it's the same as defending a cross screen.

Offensively, the cutter should go opposite his defender, if the cutter goes low, the screener ducks in, if the cutter goes high, the screener goes to the short corner.

Don't allow bump and fade because there is no ball pressure.

Both defenders recover to their checks, 4 moves out to the weakside wing,
Defending a flex downscreen by 6 for 4 in a game, X6 would jump to the ball, X4 would gap, or bump (switch) if pinned, he calls it.

2 flex screens for 3 on the pass from 7 to 6.

Make-it take-it, keep score, two points for an offensive rebound, one point for a basket.

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