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Schepp 3 on 3 ballscreens

Kirby Schepp
Basketball Manitoba

They play a lot of 3 on 3 (and some 4 on 4) where they work on decisions and put players in other spaces.

Make reads based on how the defence defends the ballscreens.

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a) Offside wing

2 is on the offside wing, 3 passes to 1 from the weakside low post and follows to ballscreen.

If 1 turns the corner, 2 slides down to keep the triangle (if he stays it's a straight line as 3 rolls).

Against a hedge, 1 opens up and drags it, 2 lifts looking to make a triangle pass to 3, 1 can kick it to 2 or attack the hedge again.

b) Ballside wing

2 starts ballside.

If X3 hedges, 2 has a great angle to make a pass to 3 on the roll.

If they don't hedge well and 1 comes off hard, 2 fills from behind.

c) Offside block

3 ballscreens, 2 is at the weakside block.

If X2 helps on the roll, 2 can step in and seal him for a pass from 1 (shown).

If X2 doesn't help (stays with 2), 2 lifts to the elbow, looks to get the ball for a triangle pass.

d) Ballside block

2 starts at the ballside block, lifts if his man helps on the roll (yo-yo the backside, shown), otherwise spaces out.up

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