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3 on 3 delay (teams)

Usually 12 players (or more), 2 teams.

1-2-3 attack X1-X2, remaining players are on the sidelines. When the ball crosses centre, X3 runs to get a foot into the centre circle then defends.
- X3 comes on when all attackers cross centre (Ian MacKinnon)
- X3 comes on only when team O shoots, he can help rebound and defend on a miss.

Herb Brown - team O starts with two defenders in a tandem at their end of the court.

On a stop or score, X1-X2-X3 attack against 4-5, who can come onto the court only on the change of possession. When the ball crosses centre 6 runs into the centre circle then defends. 1-2-3 leave the court and go to the sideline.

- defenders 4-5 come on the court as the ball crosses halfcourt going the other way (optionally running through the centre circle, see Transition - 2 on 1 outlet)
- for basic 3 on 3 without a delay defender, defenders 4-5-6 all come on the court at the same time.

Marquette - UCLA transition - 4 and 5 come on to defend the next attack as the ball crosses halfcourt going the other way, but go to the centre circle and wait until team X gets possession then sprint back. Option - 1-2-3 can play defence until halfcourt after a miss or make.

breakthroughbasketball.com - 1-2-3 can press to steal the ball and score again.

Jamie Dixon - players choose the teams, play to 7, best of 3, losers run. The trailing defender takes the top attacker. With only five players on a team, the top attacker would run back on defence.
Ian Mackinnon - if a team has only five players, on a stop or score coach calls the name of a player who must touch the offensive baseline then defend. Progressions- 2 on 1 with outlet
- 2 on 2 delay (2 on 1 plus delay defender)
- with pressing but only to about 1/3 court, not halfcourt (find a line on the floor)
- 3 on 2 outlet
- 3 on 3 delay
- add pressing.
- one shot only
- for each turnover, lose a point or run an up and back at the end.
Variation - with five players, the last attacker to touch the ball touches the offensive baseline then gets back to defend, see Transition - 4 on 4 recover.
Brian McCormick - 2 on 1 with trailer - two teams, if offence scores and gets their own rebound, they can score again, defence has to get the ball, he uses “no outs”, defence has to get a rebound (on a miss or make) or a steal, they can’t just wait for the other team to score or for the ball to go out of bounds (basically there is no out of bounds). Progression – 3 on 2 with trailer.
See Transition - 3 on 2 outlet (teams).

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