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3-man weave to 2 on 1

Three-man weave upcourt (follow your pass), the player with the ball at or below the foul line takes a layup (here 2).

Jack Bennett - when coach calls out "change", the person with the ball puts it down and sprints back on defence. See Attack/defend - 1 on 2 whistle.

1 and 3 rebound and attack two-on-one against shooter 2.


- the two attackers first outlet to a coach, who passes back
- the attackers must inbound the ball after a make, 2 contests the pass
- no dribbling, or no dribbling in the front court
- shooter 2 rebounds and comes back one-on-two against 1 and 3.

Ganon Baker

- tight weave to halfcourt then on "wide" two players touch the sidelines, go behind and touch the sideline after each pass (killer weave)
- 1 on 1 after the 2 on 1, the shooter defends
- progress to a 5-man weave (go behind two, touch the sideline), 3 on 2, 2 on 1, 1 on 1.
Coach K - the last passer is the defender coming back.

See Transition - 5-man weave to 1 on 1, 4-man weave to 2 on 2.

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