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3-man weave to block-out

Geno Auriemma

Halfcourt three-man weave with three passes.

Middle player 1 shoots a bank shot from above the block, last passer 2 boxes out 3, 2 and 3 fight for the rebound, whoever gets the ball puts it back up if 1 misses, play to a score by either player.

With 14 players, make 14 bank shots (or 14 in a row), then switch sides.

(Variation - on a miss by 1, play to a stop by 2 or a score by 3)
Jamie Carey - start from the far 3-point line extended, three passes, the middle player takes a layup, progressions
- reverse layups
- jump shots
- box out the last passer, live on an offensive rebound
- repeat with the first pass going right.

Fabian McKenzie - fullcourt 3-man weave, the last receiver takes a jump shot, the passer boxes out the other player.

Kansas Women - UConn shooting - halfcourt weave, two passes to a shot with regular scoring (2 or 3 points), the other two players try to rebound a miss and make a putback for 1 point with no dribbling, and the ball can't hit the floor.
See Attack/defend - 3 on 0 to 1 on 1.up

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