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Wide pin-down screens

4 or more balls

a) Shots for cutters

2 passes to 1 and pins down for 6, who sets up his cut then comes off the screen to get a pass at the elbow from 1. 6 shoots, rebounds, and goes with the ball to the other line. 2 replaces 6.

Other shooter options include backcut, fade, tight curl, pop to the wing. The screener complements the cutter (second cuts).

See Shooting - Gonzaga screening, Duke downscreens, Hubie Brown off a screen, Tom Crean fill cuts, Procopio wing workout, Team pop-out (Jay Triano).

After passing, 1 pins down for 5 who comes off the screen to get a pass from 4. 5 shoots, rebounds, and goes with the ball to the other line. 1 replaces 5.

4 will then downscreen for 2 to get a pass from 3, continuing the pattern.
Drew Hanlen - Wide pin-down series (YouTube) - the cutter starts in the corner, shot ready, sells a backdoor then curls shoulder to hip. Options
- catch and shoot (e.g. a quick 1-2 or a hop, especially for a rightie turning right)
- catch, throw it out, create separation into a one-dribble pull-up
- catch, attack downhill to the other side of the rim.
Reid Ouse - Floppy/Pin-down shooting - on a tight curl catch and shoot, it is easy for a rightie turning right to stop R-L in order to square the shooting elbow; turning left, get to a foot replacement, hop (off the inside foot) to get the elbow to the rim much quicker.
EGT - How smart shooters use screens - reads against wide pins,
- backdoor
- tight curl
- tight curl for a pass then lob or dish to the screener
- defender goes under ("whip"), outside or inside foot pop back, catch and shoot, or rip and go
- defender gets into the cutter, wedges him out, on a high catch the screener sets a step-up ballscreen.
- catch and shoot
- one-dribble nail jumper (can take an inside-hand dribble)
- downhill floater (off two feet)
- same-foot stop (two-dribble punch drag jumper, especially going to the strong hand).
- shot fake shot
- shot fake rip back through (one-dribble pull-up where they came from, or finish at the rim)
- shot fake rip back through step back (one-dribble step-back towards the corner)
- shot Jordan pivot (catch, reverse pivot on the inside foot back towards the corner, one or two-dribble pull-up).
DJ Sackmann - Pin-down reads - if there is no pass on a bump and fade, the screener re-sets a screen.
Tyler Relph - Elite shooting drill - curling off a wide pin to the elbow, catch on the outside foot, propelling you inside-outside into a shot.

See Shooting - Flex downscreens, YouTube playlist - Pindown reads.

b) Shots for screeners

6 backcuts or curls 2's downscreen to the basket, 2 comes back to the ball for a pass and shoots, as before, 6 rebounds and 2 is the next cutter.

1 downscreens for 5, who curls the screen, 1 comes back to the ball for a pass and shot.


For a version without cutters, 2 passes to 1, downscreens then comes to the ball for a pass and shot.

Screener options include out cut, basket cut, slip cut.

1 downscreens for a pass from 4, and here slips to the basket.

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