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Bob Schlosser

Breakdown drills for their flex offence, see Schlosser flex.


Two balls, 1 comes up from the weakside block, catches a pass facing coach, uses an inside pivot (front pivot on the left foot), pulls (rips) through with a crossover step, dribbles and finishes with his left hand at the basket. Another coach plays token defence, simulating closing out.

2 passes to coach and goes to the shooting line, 3 is the next shooter, 1 rebounds his shot and will be the next passer to coach.


- add a coach with a pad, players jump off two feet
- change sides, finish with the right hand
- the defender denies at the elbow, players go backdoor for a bounce pass (they can show a closed fist to the passer)
- 2 on 2.
- catch and shoot
- pull-ups
- rebound the shot after yours.

See Shooting - Pistons bust up, Huggins cutting, 5star foul-line flash, Bill Self perimeter (cheat step).

b) Pull-thru, drive and kick.

5 on 0 flex, 1 passes to 4, 2 flex cuts using 5, 1 replaces 2, 5 cuts up to replace 1, the next pass will be from 4 to 5, continue with guard-to-guard passes and flex cuts, on the fifth pass the receiver will pull thru, drive from the elbow and kick out to the corner for a shot, all players balance the floor, repeat the sequence and keep going until everyone has taken a shot, change players.

See Shooting - 4-out 1-in drive and kick.

c) Pull-thru pivoting

One ball, no shooting, 4 cuts up for a pass from 1, who fades then goes off and changes sides, 4 front pivots on his inside foot into triple threat, makes a ball fake, passes to 5 cutting up, fades and goes off, 5 will pull-thru and pass to 3, continue.

See Shooting - Flex downscreens.

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