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KP Series

KP - How to Beat Anybody Off the Dribble

1) Warm-up

a) Stationary dribbling

Open stance,

- scissors - feet don't move, pound, between the legs, front to back, 20 times, don't look down
- pound, behind the back (not a wrap)
- continuous behind the back, 15 times
- continuous scissors (the feet move on each scissor)
- fire-feet scissor - pound the ball a couple of times, fire-feet (stutter), scissor, continue.

b) Cones

8 tight cones,

- scissor in front of each cone with one bounce in between, come back from the other end
- behind the back at each cone (a v, not wrap) with a bounce in between.
Luke Meier - Develop ball quickness (YouTube) - 5 zig-zag cones,
- pound cross (reaction crossovers, low)
- pound between the legs
- pound behind the legs (under the butt, not a wrap)
- pound cross cross between
- cross cross wrap (no rhythm dribble after the wrap)
- cross between wrap
- between behind wrap.

See Dribbling - Tauer stationary, Calipari warm-up, Speed course.

2) Blow-by series

Go right by your man without too many moves,

- scissor - between the legs, low inside shoulder
- basic crossover (throw across) - going right to left, make sure that your right shoulder passes the middle of the defender's body
- in-and-out - really punch the opposite foot down, almost like stepping on a spider
- in-and-out crossover - one of the most-used moves in basketball
- crossover hesitation - one of his favourite moves, e.g. crossover left to right (right foot and the ball hit at the same time), shift body weight left (jab left), keep going to the basket.

Counter - crossover, hesitation, through the legs.
(The crossover hesitation is a cross-jab move, the counter is a cross-jab-cross, see Facebook posts - Dribble-jab series.)

See Fundamentals - Dribbling Series (Attack the basket), Dribbling - Kevin O'Neill moves.

3) Hesitation series

- hesitation - bounce (skip) off the foot opposite the ball (it drops down, you push, develop explosion)
- hesitation crossover (Iverson)
- killer crossover - hesitation, scissor, crossover (counter to scissor blow-by, adding a hesitation)
- killer crossover in-and-out - hesitation, scissor, in and out (defender thinks you are going to crossover).


- killer crossover counter - scissor, crossover, wrap around the back
- scissor wrap - scissor, wrap behind the back.


- scissor, hesitation
- scissor, crossover (Hardaway)
- scissor, hesitation, crossover.

See Dribbling - Kevin O'Neill moves (hesitation dribble moves, Lebron James crossover, Deron Williams crossover).

4) Lebron stepback series

- Lebron stepback - go up to the defender, set it up with two scissors (e.g. L-R then R-L, freeze the defender), then hard L-R scissor, bounce diagonally backwards off the right foot, land on two, shoot
- counter - same wind-up, on the last scissor, eyes go to the basket (sell shot), crossover right to left, attack the basket (see killer crossover)
- progression - double crossover, shoot.

As a defender tries to catch up when you attack the basket, wrap the ball back under your legs or behind your back for a jump shot (a drag stepback under the outside leg or behind the back).

See Shooting - 5star in the box (Austin Rivers / Tyreke Evans stepback, drag stepbacks).

5) Pro-hop series

Pro hop to avoid the defence or getting called for a charge, and to get a shot off or make a pass.

Attacking from the wing with the outside hand, pro hop middle (jump over cones on the lane line), land on two (a slice), you might have to fade away. If the defender's hands are low, go above his hands (over top); if his hands are high, you're low.

Jamal Crawford - beats his man, gets to the help, switches hands (crossover), punches it one direction (behind the back dribble, or double behind the back), then hops back the other way, lands on two, taking the ball behind his back into a shot.

Augie Johnston - go behind the back to finish if a defender reaches to steal the ball, a) regular layup, b) jump stop, c) Jamal Crawford - crossover, bring the ball behind the back, jump stop.

See Dribbling - 5star triple b.up

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