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5 on 0 transition

a) Ken Lindsay

Two teams of five. One team runs a halfcourt offensive set without defenders, takes a shot, and gets into the correct rebound and safety positions (e.g., rebounding triangle with two safeties). Rebounders make a putback if the shot is missed.

Once a basket is scored all five players sprint to the opposite end of the court to defend the basket area then move as quickly as possible into their respective defensive assignments. While the first five retreats, have the next five ready to repeat the same procedure.

Shadow transition variations:

- press, set one or more imaginary traps, fall back
- no putback on a miss, use missed-shot defensive transition, e.g., the point guard pretends to pick up and contain a ballhandler using defensive footwork.
See Transition - Recovery.

b) Oregon system

Defenders sprint the first 3 steps in transition, then look over their inside shoulder to find the ball, then turn and backpedal from the halfcourt line

Defenders must find their checks quickly and pick them up outside the 3-point line to limit open shots (use cones for this drill).

Oregon wants 5 on 5 every time the ball crosses the halfcourt line. Mismatches are not a great concern, most teams do not do a good job of identifying and exploiting them.
See Transition - Nash cup in the lane.

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