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Post play
Wichita 1 on 1

Frankston Blues

Coach calls for attacker 4 or 5 to duck in overtop of defender X4 for a post feed, go 1 on 1 if the pass is made.

If X4 denies the post feed from the top, coach passes to the wing, 4 looks to seal X4 for a baseline post feed then play.

If there is no post feed, coach drives baseline, X4 must help, 4 pops out to the elbow.

Coach passes to 4 at the elbow, X4 closes out, go 1 on 1.
(Option - use a coach on both wings)

Points of emphasis:

Defence - no hands, use your chest, battle of the feet, don't try and wrestle, deny on the high side.

Offence - get your shoulders lower than the defence, hold your seal, feet wider than shoulders.

See Post play - Memphis 1 on 1.

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