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5 on 5

a) fullcourt

When coach blows the whistle, the team in possession must put the ball on the floor, make the transition to defence, and cannot guard the person who was guarding them.

Option - if coach yells "5 on 4" a defender must leave the floor.
Patrick Flynn - blow the whistle if the ball stalls.

Flip Saunders - the new attackers must pass to coach for a return pass.

Kevin O'Neill - If coach calls "change", the attackers put the ball on the floor, go on defence, and can't guard the person who was guarding them. If coach calls "switch", they defend the basket they were attacking, i.e., the new attackers attack the basket they were defending (everybody stays at the same basket).

Lawrence Frank - as soon as the offence picks up the ball, they must throw it ahead to a coach at the far hash mark (the three-point arc extended), forcing the defence to get back quicker and get to the level of the ball.

Ian MacKinnon - 5 on 5 trans - when coach blows the whistle, or calls "turnover", the ballhandler puts the ball on the floor and sprints to touch the offensive baseline before defending, the player picking up the ball has to pass. To emphasize transition, everything is a miss, outlet on a make, and any ball out of bounds goes to the defence. Normal scoring plus 1 point for an o-board.

See Defending - Hurley 5 on 5 command, Petitgoue conversion, Transition - Woodley (turnover).

b) halfcourt

Flip Saunders - the new attackers (here team X) must get the ball over centre by passing or dribbling before attacking back the other way (no pass to coach).

Dick and Jack Bennett - on "switch", the ballhandler puts down the ball, all attackers must get a foot in the lane and defend a different player (see Bennett 4 on 4 switch).

Steve Alford - the attacking team sets the ball down on the whistle, the converting defensive team can pick it up and attempt to score immediately (more challenging for the new defenders).
See Defending - Woodley 4 on 4 (change),

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