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Fast break
Post sprint

Fabian McKenzie

Bigs are on the baseline, guards are on the sideline. 5 self rebounds and outlets to 1 who headmans to 2 who hits 5 for a layup then sprints across the foul line to the other outlet position, 1 moves up to replace 2, 3 replaces 1.
Rene Portland (WBCA) - Post up out front - 2 dribbles into position to make a post-entry pass, 5 can get a pass on the fly or posting up.

5 rebounds and outlets to 2 who pushes the ball up the side and hits 5 for a layup. 4 is the next shooter.
Rene Portland - 2 takes a few dribbles then passes ahead just after 5 crosses halfcourt.

See Layups - Memphis bigs, Pass and dog, Fast break, Two minutes of hell.

(Variation - use two guards on each sideline to headman the ball on both sides, guards follow the ball to rotate)

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