Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Post play

Toss the ball high off the background, jump to rebound high with arms straight, chin the ball, go back up strong for a power lay-up, make any putback. Alternate both sides of the basket.

In a game situation, make a kick-out pass if too close to the basket for a putback.

Variation - pump fake first.

David Thorpe (5star) - Make an overhand toss off the backboard, catch high with two hands, explode quickly back up to finish, don't gather to jump. Progression - add a defender.
John Calipari - stick-backs - toss the ball high off the backboard, catch and keep it high (chin the ball), go right back up without taking a step, everything is with two hands. Grab the ball, you are taking it from someone who has their hands on it. Two coaches have blocking pads. Do 5 reps each.

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