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Bill Pangos

Four teams, each has a treasure chest of cones on their side of the jump circle, each player shoots, rebounds, passes to a teammate, and goes to the back of their line on a miss, but on a make first runs to get a cone from any other team (yelling "Arrr"), and adds it to their treasure chest (shown for team 4). When time is up, the team with the most cones wins.

Progression - players can take a layup (get 1 cone on a make), a two-point shot (2 cones), or a three-point shot (3 cones).

- use two balls with three or more players on each team)
- layups only, two teams, one at each end.
Karsten Gitter
a) on a made shot, put one of your team's cones in the jump circle, the first team to get rid of all its cones wins (variation - then get all the cones back)
b) all cones are in the jump circle, take one on a made basket, the team with the most cones when all are gone wins.
See Shooting - Teams, Dribbling - Steal the cones, Layups - Move the cones, Jr. NBA - Shooting (Games).

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