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Face cuts

Tom Billeter
Men's Basketball HoopScoop

Attacker 1 passes to coach and tries to face cut defender X2, who jumps to the ball on the pass and tries to push 1 behind.
Matt Woodley - X2 jumps to his gap and back pedals (never turn to your back to the ball).
Dwane Casey - sprints to the gap then back-pedals slowly, like a football free safety, and is there to help if coach drives baseline.
(Option) - the first pass is a shell pass, 1 doesn't cut, X2 jumps to a gap position, closes out on a return pass to 1. See Defending - Boone 1 on 1 (2 on 1 closeout).

Rotate offence to defence, 1 closes out on a pass to next attacker 3, X2 goes off, 3 will pass back to coach and basket cut.
- the cutter empties weakside, the defender splits the floor, does not over-pursue, don't hug your check on the weakside
- smash a flash
- skip pass
- post up
- 1 on 1

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