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Matt Bollant dribble-drive

Matt Bollant

Teaching dribble-drive motion, see Offence - Matt Bollant dribble-drive, also Tactics - Dribble-drive continuity,
Shooting - Dribble-drive.

1) 3 on 0

1 starts from halfcourt with a long, low dribble, jump stops at the drop-2 zone facing the basket, that's 2's cue to move to the "window" for a downhill pass (they don't want 2 to move too early), 1 backdoor cuts out to the corner.

2 drives middle to the drop 3 zone (probably two dribbles, the first is explosive), jump stops, 3 moves up to the "window", 2 passes to 3 and cuts through.

3 drives middle and passes to 1 moving to the window.

Continue the rotation (1 drives middle and will pass to 2), then score the ball (e.g. after the 6th drive and kick).

Put everybody through the rotation (the sequence is kickup-kickup).
See Layups - Spurs 3-pass.

2) 5 on 0

a) 3-man rotation

Add 4 and 5, who work in tandem, 5 stays opposite the ball.

1 drives, jump stops, passes to 2.

2 drives middle, when he gets to the elbow,

- 5 loops, looking for a bounce pass (not earlier, 2 could crossover and go baseline)

- 4 goes (kicks back), don't move that window too soon, he will get open 3s if he is patient.

2 jump stops (drop 3 zone), passes to 3 moving up and cuts to the corner.

3 drives middle, 5 loops and 4 goes, 3 passes to 1.

Continue, then drive and hit the 5 who scores.

The sequence is kickup, kickup, 4 kicks back each time.

b) Get the 4 involved

1 drives, jump stops, and passes to 2, who drives middle and passes to 4 (kickback).

Any time you throw it to the 4, you become the 4 (yell I'm the 4), loop out below him.

4 brings the ball back from where he got it, is part of the 3-man rotation.

1 will drive middle and pass to 2 (kickback) or 3 (kickup), continue, finish with a drive and hit 5.

- for other continuity options, see Tactics - Dribble-drive continuity (e.g. kickup-throwback)
- finish with any post entry, e.g. a 4-3 skip pass, or 5 comes under on a corner throwback, or use a swing-quick triangle
- start with a dribble-drive entry, e.g., 1-4 kickback, 1-4 swing, 1-2 quick, see Fast break - Dribble-drive 5-on-0
- 5 on 5 with dummy defence then live, see Scrimmage - Pasquali 4 on 4 stunt-recover.up

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