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Slide and run

Starting in each corner facing north, players alternate sliding middle and sprinting back to the sideline. Use drop steps and/or hip turns to change direction, optionally at cones. Repeat coming back from the other end.

Option - players touch hands in the middle, see Defending - Doc Sadler slide and run.

Herb Brown - use 7 cones or chairs on the sidelines and in the middle (players meet in the middle), a coach or manager should be stationed at each cone.

Frankston Blues - slide, run and pivot - halfcourt, facing north take three slides from the corner, turn and run to the elbow, jump stop, reverse pivot, take three slides, run to the sideline at halfcourt, facing south slide the halfcourt line and repeat the pattern coming back on the other side. Wide to wider stance, point the toe of the lead foot in the direction you are sliding.

Ben Jacobson - fullcourt version.

Variation - partners slide middle, crossover and sprint back to their starting point, continue.


- slide middle, sprint out, hot feet, repeat on "go"
- slide middle, sprint out, two-foot lateral jumps until "go"
- slide middle, sprint out, jog middle for recovery, continue (slide out, sprint middle, jog out)
- continuous slides (in and out)
- lateral dribble with the outside hand (face north, then repeat facing south).

See George Karl (Gooroo)
Warm-up 5, Defending - Lane slides, Dribbling - Wojo guard box.up

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