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1 underhand tosses a ball off the backboard, goes up to rebound, comes down making a quarter turn in the air, and outlets the ball to 4, who has called "outlet". 4 speed dribbles to halfcourt then back to the other rebounding line, 1 goes behind 5. 6 and 9 do the same on the other side.

Players should rebound at the top of the jump, catching the ball in front of their head, not above or behind it, and chin the ball with elbows out and down about 45 degrees to the floor (elbows parallel to the floor would not allow the rebounder to make a pass). When the players make a quarter turn and land, the ball should be above the baseline shoulder to protect it.

Progression - add defenders on the rebounders to bother the outlet pass.
See Rebounding - 1 on 0 form rebounding, also Fast break - Break integrity.

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