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Calipari 11

John Calipari

Fullcourt one-on-one, the rotation is defend, attack, go off. This builds into Texas 11, see Transition - Vance Walberg Texas (also Vance Walberg blood).

Coach has two balls to start, 1 goes on a dead sprint for a pass, defender 2 can start retreating when 1 when gets about one foot outside the jump circle. 1 tries to stay inside the width of the elbows, he can't spin back (but can pass to a coach upcourt and get it back). 2's job is to force 1 outside the elbows.

3 comes on as the next defender, there is only one shot, 2 attacks next, coach moves to make a pass in the other halfcourt, then gets the other ball from 1, who goes off.

3 attacks next, against 4.

Progression - the defender can retreat when the attacker gets about half way between the two circles.

Variation - the attacker can rebound, play to a stop or score.

Mads Olesen - Attack 1 on 1

No coach needed, minimum four players, rotation is attack-defend-off, attacker 1 c-cuts for a pass from 3, who then goes off to the outlet position, 1 attacks against X2 and has to stay inside the jump circle corridor, play to a stop or score (give points for baskets or stops).

1 will be the next defender, 4 c-cuts to get the ball from X2 (inbounds on a make, outlet on a miss), X2 goes off.

See 1 on 1 - Double continuity.

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