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Florida 4-44

Billy Donovan

3 teams of four players, each team has a point guard, two wings who run their lanes on a made basket, and a trailer who inbounds then plays inside on offence (three around one). There are always two delay defenders on defence. Play to 5 baskets, take points off for turnovers.

Team O attacks team X. When the ball is passed or dribbled across centre, X2 and X3 must run from the sideline and touch the centre circle with one foot before defending.

If 1 passes the ball ahead, he should move ballside for reversal. If 4 catches the ball in the trail spot he can reverse it and dive inside. 2 and 3 should run wide (outside the 3-point arc) to create spacing and not allow one defender to play two, and bounce off the baseline unless there is an angle to score. On a catch wide, shoot, or shot fake and drive.

On a stop or score, team X attacks team 3 (the triangles), which has two defenders enter when the ball crosses centre. Two players from team O stay on the court, two leave to the sidelines at midcourt.

On the next stop or score, team 3 will attack team O.

(Variation - teams of five players with two delay defenders)
coachesclipboard.ca - to speed up play, modify the rules, e.g., no out of bounds, or no inbounds pass after a made basket.
Jim O'Brien - 4-4-4 - a team that scores immediately presses with a white or black press, to halfcourt (see Defence - White & black matchup press).
Mads Olesen - Knick drill - three teams, 4 on 3 plus a trail defender who must touch the middle of the jump circle, play until a score or stop (out of bounds is defence ball), inbounds on a make, make or miss the team that was on offence presses back to halfcourt, and tries to score on a steal. Variation - only two teams, each team sends in defenders at their end when attacking the other basket.

Kathy Delaney-Smith (ABQ) - go 4 on 2 (or 4 on 3) into 4 on 4, this is a great dill to work on breaking backcourt pressure, if a team gets a steal, go for a score and press again, practice against different pressing strategies - trap immediately, trap the dribble.

Don Kelbick - 3 on 2 into 3 on 3 as the ball crosses halfcourt, one shot, make or miss the team that gets the ball goes the other way (no pressing), variations - 4 on 2 or 4 on 3 into 4 on 4, 5 on 3 or 5 on 4 into 5 on 5.

See Transition - UNLV, 3 on 3 delay (teams), Scrimmage - 4 on 4 on 4, 4-teams.

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