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4 on 4 paint touches

4 on 4 (or 3 on 3), attackers score by driving into the paint and kicking out as often as possible in 15-30 seconds.

Drew Hanlen - 4 on 4, 30 seconds, score by getting one foot in the paint, all catches outside the FIBA 3-point line. Close out under control (no shots), create a wall.

Mike Neighbors - in the paint drill - 4 on 4, 30 seconds, the offence gets a point each time they drive and get a foot in the (taped-down) post-rack area, attackers without the ball must stay behind the arc, but can space on penetration (progression - allow screening and cutting), the defence can force a turnover to end the possession.

Frankston Blues - paint touch drill - 3 on 3, in 15 seconds the offence scores by dribbling into the paint as often as possible, 2 points baseline and 1 point otherwise (with pack defence), the defence does a length of the floor for every point scored (variation - for forcing-left defence, the offence gets 2 points for getting into the paint with their strong hand, 1 point with the other hand, optionally allow regular scoring too).

Ben Jacobson - paint touch drill - 3 on 3, defence has an up and back for each paint touch or baseline drive. Any time an attacker on the move leaves his feet it should be a charge.

See Attack/defend - 3 on 3 kickout, Scrimmage - No man's land, Penetrate to score.

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