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Billy Donovan solo

Billy Donovan
FIBA Assist Issue 13
a) Form shooting
e) Off the dribble (halfcourt)
See Shooting - Billy Donovan partner.

a) Form shooting

Start close to the basket, shoot one-handed shots, use proper form, bend knees, extend up on toes, release and follow through. Make 5 from each spot, take one step back and repeat.
See Shooting - Form.up

b) 7-spot shoot and follow

Shoot from spot 1, rebound, dribble hard to spot 7, shoot, rebound and dribble to spot 1, continue until 10 made shots. Repeat for spots 2 and 6, 3 and 5, and 4.

Progression - 3-point shots.
See Shooting - Nash 20-minute workout, Triano 7-spot workouts (Super 7's, also layups off the dribble).up

c) Square-up

Start at spot 1, spin a pass to spot 2, follow, get behind the ball, catch, elevate, shoot. Make 10 shots, repeat at spots 3-4 and 5-6.

d) Shot fake

With knees bent and head up, shot fake, take one or two hard dribbles left, square up and shoot. Return to the same spot, shot fake, one or two dribbles right, shoot. Make 5 from each spot.

e) Off the dribble

Dribble from halfcourt at game speed, lower your body, pull up and shoot from 15 feet or behind the arc. Work both sides and the middle, use five dribble moves (speed, inside-out, hard stutter, change of pace, inside-out crossover). Shoot five shots for each move. Can also be done fullcourt.
See Shooting - Hubie Brown off the dribble, Billy Donovan workouts (fullcourt, halfcourt dribble moves), Dribbling - 5star workout.up

f) Beat the pro

Start with a free throw, you get 1 point for a make, the pro gets 3 points if you miss. Then take game-speed jump shots, work on different moves and shots, you get 1 point for a make, the pro gets 2 points on a miss. First player to 11 points wins.

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